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If you are building a new house, or renovating your home, Bonaire is a cost-effective, energy efficient home central heating option that works perfectly in all parts of NZ, with many key benefits:

Provides instant heat to your whole home

Bonaire lets you enjoy every room of your home, including the bathroom. You no longer need to shiver through winter evenings with the entire family crammed into one room. The Bonaire system distributes warm air from floor level through floor vents, or forces warm air down from ceiling vents enabling fast, efficient central heating that warms your home in just 10 minutes. What’s more, it’s programmable, so you never have to get up or come home to a cold home.

No unsightly wall fixtures

Does your interior designer recommend you have a heater hanging from your lounge wall? Different kinds of floor vents allow you to match any décor, and ceiling vents can be painted to match your colour scheme making Bonaire unobtrusive in your home.

Total temperature control 24 hours a day

Our new Navigator controllers provide state-of-the-art control of the climate in your home. They are simple and easy to use. Available as either remote wireless control or wall mounted, they are programmable allowing you to set your home’s climate for different times of the day or week and also for different zones of your home.

Zoned heating options for individual comfort and lower running costs

A “zoning” function (MB4 and MB5 series) can be used to allocate up to four pre-selected zones, so you can heat areas of your choice with an option to extend to 8 integrated zones if you wish.

The zoning functionality allows you to shut off heating to rooms or areas you may not be using, therefore reducing the running costs.

Circulates the air reducing condensation for a healthier environment

Bonaire means no hot surfaces or grilles, making it completely safe for little ones. It is also better for your health as it reduces dampness - creating a superior living environment. Optional filters are available to help remove stale air and reduce dust particles. Bonaire is environmentally friendly with less greenhouse gas emissions than most alternative heating options.

Refer Case Study: Asthma Relief

Individual design capability for all types of installation
Our Bonaire system is tailor-made to your requirements with solutions specifically designed for your home and New Zealand conditions. A wide range of models are available to suit your home and budget, with installation options that include underfloor or ceiling with internal or external furnaces.
5 star energy efficient models available

Bonaire uses gas, a cost-effective fuel and operates at up to 95% efficiency (MB5 series), ensuring optimum value for money. In addition, a modulating gas valve (MB4 and MB5 series) ensures you only use the minimum gas required to keep your house at the desired temperature. Enjoy the New Zealand lifestyle you desire, while adding value to your house – install Bonaire.

Note: Benefits vary depending on model, type of installation and optional upgrades chosen.

Case Study: Asthma Relief

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