Gas vs Electricity

Gas home heating warms your home quickly and cleanly - and it can save you money whether you use natural gas or LPG.

If gas is used to heat your home along with your hot water, the costs in NZ can be around the same as a heat pump (without the noise and the big clunky unit on the outside of your house).

63% of your power bills are made up from your hot water and home heating. If you use gas for both home heating and water heating you can save even more money.

But it’s not just about cheaper power bills.

Gas home central heating is also aesthetic and family friendly!

Gas will heat big areas quickly and cleanly. If you want to heat all of your home, gas central heating can be the best option.

And no matter how cold it gets outside, gas heating will keep working – unlike many heat pumps which can cut out if the temperature drops too low.


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