Space vs Ducted Heating

It pays to carefully consider your needs, as well as the pros and cons of the various types of whole home heating systems before making a decision.

Heat pumps, gas space heaters, radiant bar heaters, slow combustion wood heaters and electric fan heaters are all heating systems that heat a single space at a time, be it a room or an open plan area.

Some forms of home heating systems, like ducted reverse cycle and split-system refrigerative air conditioning for example, can be more costly to run in winter and can experience performance issues when the temperature dips below 5ºC outside.

It must be remembered that in New Zealand’s climate we are a “heating country” where we may only require cooling for a few weeks of the year. The Bonaire system is designed with heating in mind, whereas the name suggests, split system air conditioning units or Heat Pumps (referred to overseas as Hi-Wall air-conditioning units) focus on cooling first with heating a secondary output.

Our latest MB4 and MB5 models now enable temperature adjustable zoned heating within your home, so you have even more control.

Space vs Ducted Heating Comparison Table

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